Angel® Catheter

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BiO2 Medical is proud to introduce the Angel® Catheter, an innovative approach to Pulmonary Embolism (PE) protection in critically ill patients. The unique design of the Angel® Catheter incorporates the PE protection of a retrievable, Nitinol Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) filter, coupled with a triple lumen, central venous access catheter.

BiO2 Medical has received CE Mark approval for the Angel® Catheter, and it is the first IVC filter to receive approval for a prophylactic use indication, in addition to traditional IVC filter and central venous catheter indications.

As stated in the PROTECT Study from the New England Journal of Medicine, hospitalized patients are at the greatest risk for PE within the first 10 days after admission and the majority of Pulmonary Embolism events occur within the first 21 days in the ICU. The peak incidence of acute PE occurred on day 6 of hospitalization in critically ill patients.

The Angel® Catheter is indicated for up to 30 days use, and it is intended to be used during this critical time period, in which anticoagulation therapy poses a high risk of complications, including major bleeding and death, and in which patients are at the highest risk of developing a life threatening PE. The Angel® Catheter was invented by Luis F. Angel, MD, in response to this problem of preventable Pulmonary Embolism occurrences in the hospital. This device takes advantage of a commonly used medical procedure, the placement of a central line, and allows for the placement of a temporary IVC filter as a means of PE prophylaxis.

BiO2 Medical has been working with Rosenbaum Intellectual Property Attorneys, to vigorously pursue and obtain patent protection for BiO2 Medical’s entire technology portfolio, including the designs and concepts of the Angel® Catheter. BiO2 Medical is currently seeking distribution partners worldwide. Please contact for more information.